Tour De Taiwan

今年夏天nabiis將執行計畫已久的"Tour De Taiwan"環台計畫


為期十天的Tour De Taiwan都將以Fixed Gear完成整趟旅程



而目前用Fixed Gear環島幾乎是少之又少


因此將會使Tour De Taiwan成為一個極具挑戰性的計畫

也將為台灣的Fixed Gear文化寫下另一個里程碑

在此也徵求贊助廠商支持"nabiis Tour De Taiwan"



Nabiis has been planning on a Tour de Taiwan for some time now.

This summer we will be riding fixed gears through the whole country.

On 5/30 (Sat) we will be leaving from Taipei. We will arrive back at Taipei on 6/8 (Mon).

The entire Tour de Taiwan will take 10 days and will all be ridden on fixed gears.

We will ride clockwise around the entire island.

Starting from the East side of the island, we will make our journey to the west.

The total distance of this trip will be 1300 KM

Touring the island on a fixed gear rarely happens.

This ride will be strenuous and dangerous.

On this Tour de Taiwan , we will face many challenges.

Come and join us, be part of the first Tour de Taiwan on fixed gears.

For the ride, Tour de Taiwan, Nabiis is humbly requesting sponsorship.

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Date :09' 5/30(Sat.) - 6/8(Mon.)


Day 1. 5/30 台北Taipei - 宜蘭Yilan

Day 2. 5/31 宜蘭Yilan - 花蓮Hulien

Day 3. 6/1 花蓮Hulien - 瑞穗Juisui

Day 4. 6/2 瑞穗Juisui - 台東Taitung

Day 5. 6/3 台東Taitung - 墾丁Kenting

Day 6. 6/4 墾丁Kenting - 高雄Kaohsiung

Day 7. 6/5 高雄Kaohsiung - 台南Tainan

Day 8. 6/6 台南Tainan - 台中Taichung

Day 9. 6/7 台中Taichung - 新竹Hsinchu

Day 10. 6/8 新竹Hsinchu - 台北Taipei